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Need a Chaperone?

I also offer guided/chaperoned trips to Japan. I fly together with groups or individuals, coordinate itineraries, supervise, guide and interpret. Customized trips are also available,  such as student cultural exchanges or sightseeing tours for senior groups.  For high school students, I can coordinate exchange programs with Japanese high schools. For business travelers, I can provide translation services.

Please contact me if you are interested in this exciting service.




"My trip to Japan in 2007 was my first ever outside of the United States. Shoko made it seamless. She did everything! She was there waiting as I exited customs at Narita Airport. She made hotel reservations, bought a JR Rail Pass, took me sightseeing and shopping, guided me at temples, castles, botanical gardens and museums, explained the menu options at restaurants and interpreted throughout. I felt like I had a so much deeper understanding of Japan with her by my side than I ever could have had on my own. If I were to travel to Japan again, I would hire her in a heartbeat!"


                                                  -Julie Coughlin



"Shoko made arrangements for me to stay in a monastery in Koyasan. She coordinated my train schedules, booked hotels before and after, and chaperoned during the Kyoto portion of my trip. She went above and beyond helping me with logistics and details before and after the trip. My stay in Japan was phenomenal in large part due to her help."


                                                                                -Mickey Bradley

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